It was a rainy and stormy night at home and the night my life in Second Life would never be the same. The change started at Rawrr where I was getting new outfits from the prize boards. I was getting coffee and returned with an IM from Zambya letting me know my letter was up. I thanked her and I decided to strike up more conversation so I commented on the Large Red Shoe she was on with Iris. 

The topic of interests came up and I told Zambya about wanting to visit Brazil, not knowing she was from Brazil which was cool then I mentioned fantasy and Vampires, that’s when she opened my eyes - would you like to be a vampire? I replied what do you mean? She replied well, your standing before one. I was shocked as I had no idea at all that Vampires were in Second Life - that amazed me and was the turning point of my new second life.

An admirer and fan of Vampires since I was a child, it was the home I had hoped I would find just, well, not so fast. In time I began to realize how lucky I am to be turned by one who has been in the game for years and did not approach me about the topic until I spoke of it, which made it even more special. I was taken to the Damned Divine turning platform where my new life of Unlife was born. 

Iris with such beauty and kindness purchased my Thirst Hud and began the turning when she was sure this was what I wanted. The mystical moment I arose from the ground in a blood red cloud I was born Ameythest Crescendo, and into my new family and clan of the Damned Divine. The same welcome I got from her and her wife I received from the Clan group Chat. So many welcomes and cheers from people I did not know but from my month in Second Life I know I will never be alone, and my walk of the Forsaken will never be in vain. I have made so many new friends who have welcomed me with open arms and it truly feels like family with such a large and beautiful clan home that I feel I do call home.

'(This story won 1st Place in the 2.21.13 Bloodlines Contest "Most Memorable Turning" )'

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