The night was dark, as I looked up I could see a thousand stars and constellations, the moon was rising over the valley giving the town the most eerie glow. He whispered into my ear offering me eternal life. I nodded and smiled.  He held out his hand, his blue eyes sparkled like no other I’ve ever seen, and as I took it he lead me higher and higher into the mountains. His hands were freezing cold, 

Once at the peak, we sat down to admire the clear night sky, and after some small talk he brushed my hair to the side kissing my neck, suddenly I felt like electricity had been charged through my body, a sharp sensation on the side of my neck as his razor sharp fangs sliced through my skin, it was painful at first, he told me not to worry My heart started racing, I felt weak and fell slowly allowing my knees to touch the ground.

I looked up, he was smiling he opened his arms, I tried to run, I couldn’t move. He looked up to the skies and uttered a few words. Thunder, rain and lightning surrounded us, the wind grew stronger. He came towards me and helped me up.

He looked hungry as he gazed at the blood dripping from my neck, his pupils widened, he leaned in towards me, thick red blood filled his mouth. He moaned as he greedily began to drink more and more of my blood.

I was paralyzed, I thought I was going to die but yet I couldn’t scream, as he dug a huge spike in me. Thousands of orbs surrounded me as my soul left my body, it was as if they were coming to take me away, yet I was still there in mind and body. I felt weightless, black smoke surrounded us. My body rose, I was up in the air surrounded by black smoke and lightning. Was it the smoke that was holding me up or was it him?

As my feet touched the floor he offered me some blood to drink, my thirst, my hunger for it grew after drinking it.

He had promised me eternal life, and he had summoned rain, wind and lightning for me, he had promised me the world and he delivered, this was a new beginning. My new life, as a vampire, had just begun.

(This story won 3rd Place in the 2.21.13 Bloodlines Contest "Most Memorable Turning ")