I was lost in sorrow and agony until my Lord Stangl took me in his arms. He gave me the kiss of eternal love. Holding me in his arms as he drained my last drop until the last beat of my heart stopped. It had found who it wanted to be with for eternity he saved me from the from a life of misery and pain and gave me a life of eternal bliss. Free from pain and where we could be together in each others arms for eternity. As he gave me the gift of eternal love ,and life. I could feel his breath, his fangs, his claws and the love that he had in his non- beating heart as mine turned. Now as a Hybrid we could be together in a way only we understood our love is magic.

Once only a dream now a reality for my Lord is Holding me tight every night and I still remember that night he gave me that eternal kiss of life. His love is like no others a fierce love that is never ending. So as we hold each other tight and remember that night of bliss fighting the evil amongst the good. He is the candle that lite my way into this world and I am the Darkness that Enchanted his life forever;)

(This story won Honorable Mention in the 2.21.13 Bloodlines Contest "Most Memorable Turning ")