Heavenly, an angel sent to earth to guide lost souls came upon a man being tempted by the dark side. Succumbing to temptation he was bit, turning into a child of the night. This saddened Heavenly, now she protects others from being bitten, but it wears her out and she longs to return home to the light. However she postpones returning home so she can save her friend who just joined a clan.   

Infiltrating the clan to rescue her friend she discovers that this clan is not like any others she has known. These vampires are friendly and her friend will be safe with them. The clan asks Heavenly for a favor; a vampire in the clan needs her help. Not able to turn away from someone in need Heavenly goes to his aide.

She is teleported to his side and is shocked by what she sees, a child of the night with a white light shining through. She is intrigued and must know more about this vampire. Heavenly spends time with the Vampire, learning all she can about him and the clan. They become good friends and the clan accepts her. Over time the vampires light and hers weave together as one, and they end up falling in love. Heavenly has found the light again here on earth and in all places she found it in a child of the night.   Finding a new meaning to her life she asks her love to bite her, turning her into a child of the night. She now focuses her energy as an Angel and Queen of the night showing the lost souls of SL there is light in the darkness of their world. Heavenly now gives lost souls sanctuary in her Kingdom.

(This story won Honorable Mention in the 1.31.13 Bloodlines Contest "Best Initiation Story" )