It was winter 2009, and I had only been in Second Life for four days when my friend Jarl, who I had brought to Second Life, messaged me as soon as I logged in that day.  On his second day, he had wandered on to the Liquid  sim and encountered Damien who promised to give you eternal life and a family that would love and shelter and teach him how to be a proper vampire.

When I met our future King, he was intimidating because he was so experienced at the game and I was still a noob with bling shoes and violet eyes.  He introduced me to war on 12/10/09 and the moment I put the hud on and killed my dear friend Jarl in one shot, I was enchanted with the game. The following night, Jarl & I had a double formal vampire embracement with all of our new family present. 

For me, both the thirst and war were much more than a game about roleplaying as a vampire. I had lost my real life mother months prior and the game quickly became a therapeutic outlet for me to combat my grief. Each pylon I touched kept my mind from wandering to pain. Each new family member I found and collected into my safe keeping, filled my heart with love and kept my eyes from shedding tears.

I have met so many wonderful people in the over 3 years I have enjoyed Bloodlines. I may do other things on SL, but my passion for logging in, is for my Bloodlines. It healed a broken heart and helped me through the most challenging of times.

(This story won 1st Place in the 1.31.13 Bloodlines Contest "Best Initiation Story" )