She had all of me; all that I could give physically and emotionally.  I wanted her to have my mind, body and soul. But that was impossible. How could I give her my soul? That’s something that was impossible to give. I’ve dedicated the last year of my life to her but something has felt incomplete. A piece of the puzzle was missing.  

For the last four years I’ve been playing a game called Second Life, and within Second Life I’ve been playing a game called Bloodlines. Within the Bloodlines game a player is able to role-play a lycan, vampire and hybrid. One of the most important things to make of note of about Bloodlines is that a player is able to own other player's souls. Even though giving the love of my life my soul within this game would be only figurative, it still would mean the world to me. Now I know what you are thinking, “If he has been playing this game for so long shouldn’t he have given her his soul ages ago?”. That would have been more easily said than done. From the moment we met she was extremely against playing Bloodlines. For all the obvious reasons; there was too much drama involved, it cost too much money to play, and it was too time consuming. And those were just her three major points.  

It was December 2012 and our third year anniversary was approaching in January 7th 2013.  She had been inquiring about the War game within Bloodlines and seeming very interesting in learning more.  While she was having her questions answered she made a decision. She wanted to play Bloodlines. She wanted to be a pure lycan just like me. And I was thrilled, overwhelmed and a little surprised. More than a little surprised actually; I had to ask her several times to make sure she was absolutely certain. But she had her mind made and the date she chose was exactly the date I thought. January 7th 2013 she wanted to be turned. She requested that all her family and friends be there to welcome her into the community.  

When the date came she wanted to play every bit of the part. She dressed in savage wear to give the appearance that she was a lonely amazon girl wondering through the rainforest. I was the beast that would attack her, take her humanity and make her my bride.  As she wished I gave my bride what she wanted. On that date she said to me “I want you to have all of me; my mind, body and soul.”In return I made her my Queen Alpha, my partner, bonded in Bloodlines. Now we walk together in all worlds hand in hand.  

'(This story won Honorable Mention in the 2.21.13 Bloodlines Contest "Most Memorable Turning ")'

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