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For as long as I could remember, I've been deeply infatuated by vampires. Everything about them I found enchanting, their beautiful looks, the way they move, what they can do to people. I had always wished to become one of them. But do they exist? Who knows...

I remember being at work, a cold and frosty December morning. His face… he walked inside, garbed in black. Tight black leather clung to his masculine figure, contrasting wildly with his pure white skin, just like the snow outside the club. I realized I hadn’t welcomed him in yet, something about him made the air freeze, my throat grew dry. I welcomed him and he smiled, teeth as white as his complexion. Shortly afterwards, I received an IM. It read, “I see you like vampires. How would you like to join us?”. ‘Us’ he had said. They exist?! There’s more than one?! I had to accept…

I landed in the castle, walls of great stone ascended around me. It smelled like stale blood and the room was so cold I couldn’t help but shiver. I noticed the containers, metal and stone containers, filled with what appeared to be… *blood.* He turned to me and gazed into me, his eyes that were once dark, bottomless pools suddenly lightened to red. Red to match the liquid inside the tanks. “Today will mark the beginning of your life.” He grinned. His face tightened, fangs were drawn, my heart began to race.. “!” I choked, to no avail. A shooting sensation of pain darted through  my neck, my spine, shoulders. I let out a sharp scream. My senses began to fail, my vision blurred to black as I felt his poison begin to conquer my body as I fell to the ground...

(This story won 2nd Place in the 1.31.13 Bloodlines Contest "Best Initiation Story" )

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