Bloodlines Achievements are badges that you can earn by performing certain tasks in the Bloodlines game. The tallying of Achievements began upon their release on April 18th, 2013. Any tasks performed prior to that day are not accounted for and did not earn badges.

The Two Achievement TypesEdit

Currently there are two kinds of achievements - ones you earn for performing a task a certain number of times in a specific time period (usually daily), and achievements you earn for performing a task in total over time. 

For example, the Detective Level 1 Badge is: Scan 15 other players with your HUD in one day.

Wheras the Investigator Level one Badge is: Scan 25 other players with your HUD, total.

Achievement LevelsEdit

For any badge, there are 5 levels, and 5 corresponding icons. Each level gets increasingly difficult / greater in number. 

Note: If you manage to get to level 5 in any badge in a single day, you will have to wait until the following (SL) day in order to earn more badges for that type. 

Once you've earned more than one of any specific type of badge, you will begin to accrue numbers (x1, x2 etc.) next to the badge, to show the total number of times you've earned it.

World Leaders & Crown IconsEdit

In addition to your Achievement badges, you are able to get a Crown next to a badge, either in silver or gold. They signify the following:

Silver Crown - This signifies that you've performed the most of this task of anyone in Bloodlines in a given day. You can earn this multiple times, and it's a badge you cannot lose. This crown can only be earned on a time-based (daily) badge, not an overall Total badge.

Gold Crown - This icon is the global leader; it shows that you have performed the most of this task of anyone in the game either on a single day, or ever (depending on whether the badge is for a time-based or total achievement). This badge may be lost, if you are overtaken by someone else in the game.