Warning: Never Buy Blood or Lumen Containers on the SL MarketplaceEdit

January 5th, 2011 by Lyle Maeterlinck All of the blood containers being sold on the Marketplace are fake or deactivated copies. If you buy a deactivated container on the Second Life Marketplace, we cannot help you. We do not sell official containers on the Marketplace, because as long as copy exploits still exist, we have to have containers rezzed and registered in-world before we can sell them. The only place to buy guaranteed blood containers is in the Bloodlines stores on the following regions:

Liquid Designs

Liquid East

Liquid Badlands

Liquid South

If you are anywhere else, you are buying a container that we cannot guarantee will work. ALWAYS test containers before you buy them. NEVER buy containers on the Marketplace, because it is not possible to test them first. Please see the procedure for how to test a blood container before you buy. Also, this is what to do if you have a deactivated container. Please be careful!

UPDATE: If you do end up buying a deactivated container on the SL Marketplace, please write a review on it saying that it is a scam, and warning others not to buy it. Also, please file an abuse report for fraud on the person who sold you the tank. You can get the name of the person who sold you the tank through your transaction history.

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