How to change races (Vampire to Lycan, and vice versa)Edit

If you are currently embraced as a vampire, and you want to become a lycan, you will need to perform two processes. The first is to become enraged as a lycan by filling yourself to 50 lumens of moonlight, thereby becoming a Hybrid vampire / lycan, and then drinking the nightshade potion to cure your vampirism. Normally, the Nightshade potion will turn a vampire into a human, transforming vital blood into humanity, and releasing all held souls to the Abyss.

But, if you become enraged as a lycan first, your vital blood will be transformed into lumens, and your souls will be held safe. If you fill to 5 liters of vital blood at any point, you will become re-embraced as a vampire, becoming a hybrid again.

If you are currently enraged as a lycan, and you want to become a vampire, the process is similar. You will need to become embraced as a vampire first by filling yourself to 5L of vital blood. Then, you will need to drink the wolfsbane potion to cure lycanthropy.

Normally, the wolfsbane potion can be used to transform an avatar from a lycan to a human, transforming lumens into humanity and releasing all held souls to the abyss, but if the wolfsbane potion is drank by a hybrid, then the drinker is cured of lycanthropy, leaving their vampire embrace intact, and keeping their souls. If at any point you fill to 50 lumens again, you will become re-enraged as a lycan, becoming a hybrid again to suffer both curses, and wield both powers.