This page is dedicated to Charisma points.Edit

Originaly announced in Bloodlines: News and Updates, by Lyle Maeterlinck on September 7th 2010 . Announced as unveiling a new Bloodlines metric system and 3 other exciting new items for Bloodline players. The wiki page for Charisma was added as lack of information for Charisma was needed. 

What Is Charisma?Edit

Charisma is the new metric in Bloodlines , and will is used as an indicator of influence. It can be located on any player bloodlines page or through the hud system. The Charisma point will start at zero and as time passes, it will reveal the most influential players. Charisma will be updated with the Thirst and Rage huds and will not affect any other rankings in Bloodlines.

How Is Charisma Awarded?Edit

Each player is able to give +1 Charisma point per HUD they own (Thirst, Rage, and Human) meaning someone with only a Rage HUD has +1 point they can award to someone, whereas someone with Human and Thirst HUDs both would have +2 total points they can award. Charisma points can be awarded by any player once per day with no restrictions or limitations on whom they awarded the +1 point.

Additionally, players who have who have bonded their avatar to another player avatar via The Blood Bond , The Lumen Bond , or The Human Bond can send +1 charisma points to their bond partner(s) via the bond ring's menu.