An avatar can own more Blood, Cider or Lumen wealth than the amount that fits in their bodies. This overflow is held in containers of various types, and is totalled for purposes of Weatlh Rankings.

Storage Containers for Blood, Lumens, and CiderEdit

Each player can hold up to 5L vital blood and 50 Lumens within their body. If more is desired, blood containers to store extra vital blood, and prisms to store extra lumens can be obtained. These containers can also be used to buy, trade, and sell vital blood and lumens.

Vital blood and lumen purchases made from places other than the official Bloodlines stores on Liquid Designs property are not guaranteed. You may be able to obtain a better price elsewhere, but there is risk involved, and in making purchases from unofficial sources, you accept this risk. Cider containers can be drank from to restore humanity, but can only be refilled by Cider Jugs. Humanity cannot be turned back into Cider.

It is always safe to purchase containers from Bloodlines; there is some risk involved in purchasing containers from other avatars, and from the Marketplace.