The Cider Siphon allows you to transfer cider between your cider barrels in large amounts. This tool makes it convenient and fast to consolidate or distribute your cider for sharing, selling, or storage. It's a must-have for cider merchants or anyone who keeps a cider tavern for their human friends.


  • 1 Cider Siphon
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 Bloodlines TOS Notecard
  • 1 Liquid designs Copyright & EULA Notecard
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Store at Liquid East


  1. To siphon Cider between barrels, follow the sequence below:
  2. Rez your Siphon and the two barrels you'd like to siphon between. Both containers should be within 20 meters of the Siphon, but for best results, they should be closer.
  3. Touch (left-click) the Siphon. This will bring up a menu with a 'Next' button on it, DON'T PUSH NEXT YET.
  4. Touch the barrel you want to siphon FROM, this will bring up the container menu. Push the 'Select' button.
  5. NOW push the 'Next' button on the Siphon menu, this will bring up a new menu with a 'Done' button on it, DON'T PUSH IT YET.
  6. Touch the container you want to Siphon INTO, this will bring up the container menu. Push the 'Select' button.
  7. NOW push the 'Done' button. If everything checks out, the Siphon tubes will extend to your containers, and you'll get a menu of amounts to transfer. If you get an error, go back to step 1.
  8. Select the amount you want to transfer or hit 'Cancel'. If everything checks out, the blood will be transferred and the Siphon arms will retract.

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