Blood ContainersEdit


In the Thirst: Bloodlines game, your body can only hold about 5 Liters of Vital Blood at a time. You can use your Blood Container to store reserve blood, or to empty your vital blood into so you can hunt more when you're full. It's also a convenient way to transfer large volumes of blood to others. If you have an empty tank, you can fill it up and then gift it, trade it, or sell it. You can also keep the container rezzed on your land, and set users that are allowed to drink from or fill it.

The amount of blood contained in your blood container is tracked by the Bloodlines server, and all of the blood you own in containers and within your veins adds up to your Blood Wealth. You may not be the highest-ranked vampire, but by collecting blood, you can be the wealthiest.


  • 1 Blood Container (various sizes, styles, and blood amounts) The blood containers are now rezzed by the vendors, and you buy the container that you see, please do not try to 'open' the container, or you'll remove the script, and it won't work anymore.


Included in the box is your Blood Cask. Rez it in an area where you have permission to do so. Once rezzed, it is ready to be operated.


If you left-click the Cask, a blue menu should appear, giving you 3 options:

  1. Drink
  2. Fill
  3. Check
  4. Set Users
  5. Drink
    If you choose the Drink option, the container will prompt you, asking how much blood you would like to drink from it. If the container is empty, you will get a message saying as much.
  6. Fill
    If you choose the Fill option, the container will prompt you, asking how much blood you'd like to add to it. The blood containers only fill up with vital or vampire blood; if you still have human blood left in you, that must be drained by another vampire through biting and cannot be added to a container. Also be careful how much of your blood you drain into a container - if you drain away all your vital blood, you will be destroyed and lose your souls and status on the Bloodlines website.
  7. Check
    If you choose the Check option, the container will chat the amount of blood left inside.
  8. Set Users
    If you choose the Set Users option, you will be prompted to add or remove a user name. This is a list of people that will be allowed to drink from or fill your container with blood while it is sitting around rezzed.

When you are finished operating your blood container, you can pick it back up into your inventory, or pass it to another user.

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