Bloodlines Drinks are an easy and way to keep your levels up. Drink responsibly!

The line of Bloodlines drinks includes Vital Blood (0.35L), Moonshine (3.5 Lumens), and Cider (0.35L=7% humanity).

No mod, no copy, no transfer

In order to drink vital blood, you must own the Thirst HUD. In order to drink Moonshine, you must own the Rage HUD, and in order to drink cider, you must be a human.


1 Drink of:
0.35L Vital Blood or
0.35L Cider (7% humanity) or
3.5L Moonshine (0.35 Lumens)


Sip or Chug Vital Blood, Moonshine, or Bloodlines Cider!


Right click the drink in your inventory and select 'wear'. It will automatically register. Touch it for the menu.


  1. Help: load the web help page.
  2. Cap / Uncap: (vital blood and moonshine only): remove and replace the cap
  3. Sip: drink
  4. Chug
  5. Check

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