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The Psionic Blast is a weapon for use with the Bloodlines:WAR combat HUD. Once activated, you will be able to attack people within a 20 Meter range using your mind, causing damage in relation to how close they are to your avatar. The recharge time is slightly longer than close-combat attacks (7 seconds), but the damage and range make it a formidable weapon to add to your arsenal.

If you have questions beyond what is explained here, feel free to visit the website at, or contact LiquidDesigns resident in-world with a notecard.


  • 1 Psionic Blast Implant
  • 1 Set Instructions (Psionic Blast)
  • 1 Set Instructions (Bloodlines:WAR HUD)
  • 1 Bloodlines TOS Notecard
  • 1 Liquid designs Copyright & EULA Notecard
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines:WAR Main Store


To set up your Psionic Blast weapon, simply attach the Implant. It will replace your Basic Stat Viewer that comes with the Bloodlines WAR: combat HUD. The Impant will have all the functionality of your old stat viewer, but also enable your Psionic Blast weapon on the Bloodlines:WAR combat HUD.


To enable your Psionic Blast, click the mind-attack button below the HUD (lightning bolt icon). Once it is lit up red, your Psionic Blast is ready to use in combat.

The controls for your Psionic Blast weapon are the same controls that you use for your other Bloodlines:WAR weapons, as detailed in the instructions that came with your combat HUD (also included in the Psionic Blast box, for reference).

Remember that your mind attack takes 7 seconds to recharge, which is longer than the fist, lycan or vampire hand-to-hand attacks. Tactically it may be worth it to try and run or fly away in between attacks, or switch to another weapon, since during the delay you will be vulnerable to attack.

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