The SpikeEdit


The spike is a wrist-worn cuff, with an extending spike. The spike can be plunged into a victim's body, and has a hollow tip and draining mechanism within the cuff. There is a tube extending from the spike into the vampire's arm, allowing the blood to be pumped straight into their own body. The spike will allow you to drain blood from your victims faster and in greater quantities than biting alone. It includes an animated attack that is suitable for nearly all avatar heights, and a retractable spike.


  • 1 Spike - Right forearm attachment, moddable
  • 1 Pose Stand - For editing your attached Spike
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 Bloodlines TOS Notecard
  • 1 Liquid designs Copyright & EULA Notecard
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store


Included in the box is your Spike attachment. It's *strongly* advised that you make copies of this before wearing / resizing it to fit your avatar, so you always have a fresh one to start from scratch with if need be. If you need help with copying / editing attachments, see the FAQ below.

To attach your Spike, simply right-click and choose "wear". If you attach the Spike to anywhere other than your left forearm, it may not look right (even with some editing), and the animation may not line up properly when you attack someone.

Once your Spike is attached, you're ready to start draining victims.


If you left-click the Spike, a blue menu should appear, giving you 3 options:

  1. Attack
  2. Extension
  3. Mode
    When you choose the Attack menu button, your Spike will search for nearby avatars to drain. Thier names will appear in the menu, and you may select the one you wish to attack. Once you have done this, you will then be given a menu to choose how much blood you'd like to drain from your victim. If the victim still has human blood in them, the amounts will show in %. If the victim has only vital (or vampire) blood in them, then the amounts will show in Liters. Once you've selected the amount of blood you'd like to drain, your victim will then receive a blue menu asking them if they'd like to allow you to drain them. They also are given a choice as to how much blood to give - so you may not get quite as much as you ask for! This is to keep in mind that a victim does have the ability to withdraw from a draining, particularly if they are a vampire and have limited vital blood to give.
    This menu selection allows you to extend or withdraw the blood-draining spike.
  6. MODE
    All the Bloodlines attachments may be either be used in "Free" or "Bloodlines" mode. If in free mode, the Spike will simply animate the spike attack on your victim. In Bloodlines mode, it will interact with the game and website, and give you options for blood amounts to drain etc.